It appears that the winter is here properly. This morning the view as far as the eye could see was white with frost and the Galloway hills to the west were properly snowy white a good half way down their flanks, last weekend they just had white caps. I ate my breakfast while watching the mist rise up in the early sunshine off Screel. As I watch a rain cloud appeared, dropping a heavy shower which froze immediately on the icy road making a beautifully smooth slick surface to cycle to work on. It has been freezing all day, I’m tucked up under a rather lovely quilt now which is much better.
Today has been a day of packing and boxing up pots a plenty. A big order was sent merrily on it’s way to Blue Ginger in Malvern, so that will all being well arrive tomorrow and then those of you in that area can go and start your Christmas shopping there at the weekend. Another parcel was packed that will be going out to some customers in New Jersey too. The workshop was looking much better when I left tonight than it was when I took this picture, I could barely move for boxes and pots and bubble!

The fair at the weekend was good, a fabulous setting, that is Loch Inch castle you can see just peeping through the trees there behind the Belted Galloway cattle in the foreground. Very iconic creatures for this area are those cows.
Sales were ok, thank you all, I met lots of great people and I swapped some pots for a fabulous new hat. I’ll try to get a picture for you. Yes it was good to sell some pots after the poor sales at the last show, a bit of a much needed confidence boost for me.

Cold days make for great sunsets, if you can brave the temperatures there’s some great photo opportunities out there.
This week looks like it’ll be starting a new batch of throwing, it feels like a while since I’ve done any throwing, it still hurts quite a bit so I don’t want to push it too much – which I obviously did do recently. It’s frustrating when you feel like you should be fixed and folks looking at you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong at all. Grrrr, patience dear girl, patience.

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4 Responses to Brrrrrrrr!

  1. Anna says:

    Can't wait to see some of those awesome pots for sale in the Spring in Virgnia…Here we call those cows Oreos!…and I think you need a massage to relax those mending muscles…

  2. ang says:

    lovely stuff H …glad you had a good one….you moving soon??

  3. Paul Jessop says:

    Hey Hannah,according to E Bay only 39 days to christmas. get potting…..

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