Browsing my collection.

Feeling a bit poorly today, asthma playing silly beggars and I’ve acquired a nasty cough. So to cheer myself up I’m spending the evening browsing my collection of things that make me drool.

I have to say that this is my virtual collection, none of it is really mine.

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3 Responses to Browsing my collection.

  1. ang says:

    howdy H, I’m having the same prob with my lungs at the mo, hope you are looking after yourself, keep up the medications, frustrating i know..

  2. Every other person on the Cape seems to have the same problem right now, Hannah, including my wife Dee. Nasty business. And more snow and wet rain coming tonight and tomorrow. Love the “collection.” I’ll put a couple of Ron Geering’s pieces on my blog tomorrow. A local guy who is a slipware master, much underappreciated around here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope u make a swift recovery and soon back to your blog posting best

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