Bovey Tracey

Well here I am home again but not for long. It was one big old journey down and back to Bovey Tracey. It was a really beautiful show (if you ignore the bunch of vagabonds in the next image) the quality of work was very good, it was well presented and the event pulled in a huge number of visitors. It was a bit scary because it was so smart, I’m not used to that, I’m normally a filthy mess in the workshop and nobody sees me so it doesn’t matter.

I met blogger Paul for the first time and his lovely lady Marion. They were great and very supportive as were Doug and Paul Young. Blogger Paul looked after my stand while I had a half hour off to wander around for a while.

On the saturday evening I set off on what was to be an epic journey through the winding narrow lanes of Devon in that big transit van that I had to find Doug’s place. The sat nav thing possibly confused me a little and as the lanes got narrower and narrower I started to get a little worried, especially at the point where both wing mirrors were pushed back against the van by the hedges at the same time! I still have no idea which way I went to get there but it took half the time to get back the next morning when I was able to follow Doug back down roads that were almost motorways in comparison. Anyway I got to see the pottery, lovely little place like something off the pages of a fairytale book. Full of great pots and gritty clay. It was good to see the kiln too, helped me get my head a bit straighter with what mine may be like, it didn’t look scarily big really, maybe I’ll build a bigger one than I had thought. I met the kittens too! Oh I so nearly stole them, it was so tempting to put them in my bag. Very sweet little bundles of furry fun. They kept me company all night.
I also got to visit Nic Collins’ place too over the weekend. Visiting great potters and great places made up for not selling a huge amount of pots. The company was great. The people that visited my stand too were in the main full of enthusiasm about my work and said some lovely things which were very encouraging and I will try to remember them in the future.

As for the utterly fab pot in the picture above, don’t you think every camp site should have one? Lovely swap from Doug though I’m not convinced he did very well out of the deal. My Paul thinks this is a brilliant pot, he was raving about it and it’s glossy glaze all night. It’s currently on our fire place but I think it is going to be moved into the window sill for all passing by to see.

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7 Responses to Bovey Tracey

  1. Great to hear about your week-end at Bovey Tracey. Your stand looked very good and you had a great range of pots to show.

  2. doug fitch says:

    Ha ha ha Blogger Paul, that’s a classic photo, tee hee hee!!!!

  3. Ron says:

    Paul is looking quite striking with that bit of bird on his head. Sounds like you had a fun time Hannah.

  4. paul jessop says:

    I decided not to purchase this particular hat, the Plumage wasn’t quite what I was looking for, and anyway I havn’t bought my dress yet!!

  5. ang says:

    nice hat did everyone get one??

  6. Ron says:

    Well Paul you must make sure you get the right shoes too. In my opinion the shoes make the girl. I mean everything else is secondary.

  7. Ron says:

    Blogger Paul…where is your man purse? DF and PY have theirs on.

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