Blustery February

The world is a wild and crazy place at the moment, stormy crazy goings on.

My sis and baby Gregor are now out of the hospital (for the second and hopefully the last time), I don’t know about them but I’ve seen enough of the inside of that place to last me a lifetime so I am sure they are sick to the back teeth of it. I introduced Gregor to slip yesterday, it could have gone better, he could have relished the experience a little more but I’ll let him off, he wasn’t sure what to expect and it was a bit chilly. I thought it would be fairly straight forward and fairly clean but no it wasn’t straight forward, well the feet were fine but the hands nigh on impossible and clean, well not really, in his ears, up his legs and arms, all over his Daddy’s clothes, poor mite. Good to get him used to the idea early on though I think, by the time he’s big enough to be useful in the pottery he’ll quite have the knack.

I haven’t ever made a slipware cradle before, but always fancied it. Slab building isn’t really my thing, I can’t remember when I last made a slab built anything actually. I probably shouldn’t show this on here just yet in case Gregor gets on the internet butt here’s no prizes for guessing who this is for, if I can keep it in one piece. There are some beautiful historical examples around here.

On quite another topic I found this etching in the loft at my mum and dad’s back in the summer. I did it after a trip to Amsterdam as a student on my foundation course. It was just getting battered and damaged and I thought it deserved better than that so I have had it framed. I was really pleased when I collected it, it looks really proper, and it’s only mine. Thank you to Leo at Gelston Picture Frames.

I often get told off for not using my video camera very often, I forget and I certainly don’t like taking films of myself so here is one for you of my new bird feeder and it’s visitor. I might try again see if I get can more birdies.

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4 Responses to Blustery February

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    I think you are a bit smitten with this little guy,

  2. Amy says:

    beautiful bird! lots of birds here at my home eating suet– it took them awhile to find it, but now are devouring it. hope you post a photo of the finished cradle too.

  3. Debbie Entwistle says:

    Haha! Well done for slipping the baby! Cradle and etching look ace! x

  4. KateUK says:

    I’ve just become a Great Aunt again- amazed at how big a baby’s foot can be, my Great nice has giant’s tootsies!

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