Blue and white

The view when you look left out of my workshop door, too good to be true almost isn’t it.

Bunny prints.

Eeek many bunny prints!

Some slip trailing started happening this afternoon, I kept putting it off but eventually got into the swing again though the black trailing slip is freshly mixed and a little runny which I like in some ways as I have to be faster with it and not faff around so much but then it made my bird get very fat feet, maybe it has water retention.

Them there baluster jugs that I threw before Christmas. It feels good to have pots on the shelves and there are some at every stage I think at the moment. Some mugs to slip tomorrow, hopefully some more throwing and still some more wide rimmed plates to slip.
It all feels a bit odd at the moment, I have a half dozen or so pots to send to a show next week but then I have nothing booked for a long time so although it’s good to have a bit of play time I also like to have a couple of things on the horizon, makes me panic otherwise. I do know though that things turn up as the year starts to get under way and I’ll probably end up like last year panicking that I don’t have enough time again, fingers crossed! A nice balance, that would be good don’t you think?
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2 Responses to Blue and white

  1. Anna says:

    Your talent for slip trailing, runny or no, is amazing! Love all of it.

  2. ang says:

    must be tricky slipping those big fellas, i think stressing about no work or goal is just messes with ya head for a bit..

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