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Well last night I went for a bit of a jolly jaunt with three friends, Amanda (the glass artist), Helen (our Craft Development Officer and friend of Doug’s) and Elinor (our Visual Arts Development Officer). We went off over the border to England and to the beautiful Lake District to o to the opening of a new exhibition at Blackwell House on Windermere. I love it there, the first time I went was to a William De Morgan exhibition. It’s an Arts and Crafts house that’s been restored to it’s former glory. It is a dream. This show was called Juxtapositions and is work by Kate Schuricht with slip cast raku pieces and Mizuho Koizumi a silversmith. However without being rude to these two artists I wanted to go because they had and exhibition of Michael Cardew pots from the Winchecombe period. That room was the one that did it for me. They were such strong confident shapes and they just looked like they would do exactly what they should do and they weren’t trying to be anything that they weren’t. No pretensions (is that a word? You know what mean though.) They were just lovely pots, lots of photos and letters too describing the place and the people. It was a shame that they were on white plinths inside the glass cases as it would have been lovely to see their bottoms. There were a couple of wall hanging bud vases looking like the pots Margaret was making earlier this week (though not sure if hers were vases or not yet.)
Sadly but understandably you can’t take pictures but I did get a lovely booklet about the Cardew pots, I’m back on the second class computer though and can’t get the scanner or the camera or the printer to talk to it. That’s why these are such small pics, borrowed them off a website. Doug you would have been drooling! I highly recommend visiting Blackwell if you ever get the chance, I saw an exhibition of slipware there a couple of years ago from a private collection. It was really amazing, even better I met the couple whose pots they were and they invited me to visit their house to see the rest of the collection. Unbelievable, just sat out on shelves Fremington harvest jugs and Buckly pots just everywhere, old old puzzle jugs and platters. Wonderful experience and a very generous couple with their time and hospitality.

Myself I have been throwing and throwing to get a couple of orders finished and try to prepare myself for the coming few weeks of shows. I got a letter too telling me I’d been accepted for Ceramics in the City at the Geffrye Museum in London. Now I’m worried sick about actually having to make my way to London in a car with a pile of pots! I hadn’t thought I’d get in so it never occurred to me to actually think about the logistics it’ll be a shock to the system for this country bumpkin! However my lovely friend Helen (as previously mentioned in this post) is going to come down with me so I don’t get lost or into too much of a panic. It’s not till September so I have a bit of breathing space thankfully. I’m pretty pleased to be in it though.

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  1. That exibition at Blackwell sounds very interesting. I couldn’t find any images on their web site sadly. After working in the studio on my own all week I am quite glad to go on a little excurtion now and again.

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