Birdie Mugs for Christmas

H McAndrew Holding Birdie MugI hate to use the C word so early in the year still but for a potter the making process takes a good amount of time and so being able to start early on making any Christmas orders is a necessity. This year my Birdie mugs are back! They come in two sizes, a warm honey and a rich black with the Birdie design running around the top, they hold a half pint or a pint and are £25 or £30 respectively plus postage which in the UK is £7 for one mug.

Mugs are a truly intimate object, it is cupped in the hands and held to the lips, giving a mug can be like giving a kiss.

Hannah_McAndrew_MadeByHandOnLine_Birdie Mug LineThis year I am also offering the Birdie mugs with an option for them to be personalised. So you could have your name or that of a friend or family member slip trailed onto the belly of the mug, no more arguments about whose mug it is! For the half pint mugs these personalised versions will be £30 and the big brother pint versions are £35, postage at the same cost within the UK. For postage elsewhere in the world drop me a line and I can give you an estimate.

I would need to receive your order by the end of November really to make sure that we can get it made and fired and out to you in time for the festivities. I would just need to know your colour preference, size required and the correct lettering that you need, and where to send it to, drop me an email via the contact page on the website if you are interested. We can take UK payment by cheque, Paypal or BACS and international payment through Paypal. Thank you.

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7 Responses to Birdie Mugs for Christmas

  1. John Williams says:

    1 Black Mug for me so I have a pair. Same size which I think is 1/2 pint.

    Hope you get lots of orders.


  2. Susan Sharpe says:

    Dear Hannah,

    Can I have a dark 1/2 pint one for Andrew? And can you write “and forever” on it please?

    I can do pay pal, as I can sneek the payment in rather than getting Andrew to do a Bacs.

    Love Susan xxx

  3. Cheryl Hurrell says:

    Hi Hannah
    Could I have a dark one with Cheryl on it please, and can I pay by PayPal? Doug should have my address. Do I just make a payment through PP?

  4. Cat Brown says:

    The mugs are lovely! So warm and charming. I know what you mean about potter’s having to start early – I’ve almost made all my Christmas pieces already and it’s only mid November!

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