Big Plates.

Here we go, as suggested by Doug I beat out the base (6lb), rolled a 1m long sausage (8lb) and added the sausage to the base. It’s the biggest plate I’ve ever made, at the moment it measures 58cm diameter but you know what it’s like, it’ll be a saucer by the time it’s finished. Fingers crossed it’ll stay in one piece. I think I’m going to use it for a commission that I have for a plate with a lot of lettering around it. Haven’t decided yet though.
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3 Responses to Big Plates.

  1. ang says:

    hi hannah great plate, just wondering how your rims stay so flat?? mine start out that way but they always spring up, just wondering if its a clay thing maybe too fine or too plastic, ang

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi, my rims spring up too. The day aftyer I throw them I usually throw the rims back down. Then as soon as they are dry enough to hold the weight I put them upside down on a bat to dry. Otherwise they end up like dishes!

  3. ang says:

    mmm, i’ve been recycling them, ok i’ll try flipping them sooner, unfortunately it’s summer here and everything drys so quickly…thanks

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