Big jugs and even bigger jugs.

My three 7lb 10oz pots, two waiting to be handled and one for waiting for who knows what. . .

I got handles on the two fat jugs this morning, after having just read Doug’s blog I think he may have a spy cam in workshop as we appear to have been doing the same thing today. Either that or somehow we have some psychic connection – scary!

I think I prefer the top one of these two, I like the fatter belly on it. Pretty pleased with the handles. The top one will be the one for Emily my friend’s new baby. I’m hoping to decorate it in a harvest jugs style to match the inspiration of it’s shape.

This was the odd vase thing that I somehow made. Heaven only knows what happened to it, it was a really hot day, I was getting hungry, it was almost lunch time and it seemed a shame to recycle the pot after all the hard work, maybe I’d started to hallucinate by this point.

No idea what the inspiration was for it at all, will I decorate it? Not sure yet, it still might go the way of all things.

I finally got around to decorating this jug that my sister has asked for for a present for someone she works with.
Now bear in mind that until this week the jug in the picture below was the biggest I had ever made.

Now imagine how it feels in the presence of this great piece! Talk about feeling inadequate.

This is my latest pot acquisition, an utterly beautiful Doug jug! How fab is that. The picture does it no justice, the colours and flashing are just gorgeous. Thank you very very much Doug. I do love it.
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7 Responses to Big jugs and even bigger jugs.

  1. ajsimmons says:

    love the hallucinatory(?) new vase…A x

  2. I think the more defined jug is best, really strong. Not too sure I like the attitude on that “hallucinatory vases” face, Looks too much like an annoyed flamenco dancer with her hands on her hips to me!

  3. doug fitch says:

    As they say, size isn’t everything. Your harvest jugs are fab, I like the crazy pot too, there’s always something new to discover from making crazy stuff. Stay off those funny mushrooms.

  4. Ron says:

    I may join this party and try a harvest jug myself.

  5. Hannah says:

    Do join in, send it over here for the firing!

  6. Greetings from Minnesota. I’m enjoying all the harvest jugs. I had my eye on that tall boy of Doug’s. It looks like it found a good home.

  7. Hannah, I love your work. wish the exchange rate was better. The “odd” jug is awesome! I can see that in a shop and in someone’s home or office for sure. Classic lines and with your colors and decorations this will be awesome! Do complete it. I’d love to see it finished.

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