Big Fat Birds.

I love the pheasants and the partridges that spend their (somewhat short) lives trundling around about here. The little fat partridges with exaggerated plumage keep finding their way onto my pots. I suppose they get immortalised that way.

(Photography: Euan Adamson.)
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4 Responses to Big Fat Birds.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the images, i think they show your work in a totally different element, however i know how big that bowl is and maybe you needed something relative to it’s impressive scale!amanda x

  2. Ron says:

    Hannah, I am enjoying seeing more of your work. These last two bowls are wonderful.

  3. Hannah says:

    Thank you Ron. I like them too, great to have such a large surface to decorate, so much potential.Best wishes.

  4. doug fitch says:

    Lovely bowl, great composition. I always get terrified when I’ve got a large surface to decorate! I need to do more drawing I think.

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