Big Cat

As it says on the label it is indeed at big cat!

A few more Barcelona pictures for you, and look at that sunshine. Ho Hum it certainly isn’t like that here today. Gale force winds and flooding galore across Dumfries and Galloway. It was horrid driving back from Dumfries tonight and poor Paul has been sent north this evening to Peterhead which is about a five hour drive in good conditions.

The Ceramics Museum is housed in this building in Barcelona, up glorious wide winding staircases with polished handrails, the sort it would be wonderful to glide down in an elegant ballgown to meet your handsome prince at the bottom and dance out of the doors and under the stars. Old romantic – me – nah!
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3 Responses to Big Cat

  1. Yikes. Our cat Blanco is a 20-pounder, but this one beats that.

  2. ang says:

    greeat big mug on kitty any idea on artist… brc'a looks lovely

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