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Yesterday I did something that felt pretty important to me and rather momentous – maybe. I packed the first ever of my wood fired pots that are heading off for an exhibition. They are going to be a part of the Spring Fling Taster Exhibition at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries. These six in the picture above are going, they range from the tiny sgraffito one on the far left at 8cm high through to this fatty at the right hand side. Now I’m excited but it’ll be interesting to see what comments there are from people who see them, if any comments. Maybe no one will like them, crikey…
Last weekend I went on a day course with Pamela Grace (another Spring Fling artist) again at Gracefield Arts Centre. It was entitled “Paper Batik” and I was rather surprised to learn that there was no wax involved at all. As you know I’m not one for drawing really but this I liked. I do like a good process. I like slipware because certain things must be done at certain times and I sort of know where I stand, this was of that ilk, in the same manner that print making is.
First we made some test pieces which I enjoyed and got right into, after lunch when Pamela gave us our “proper” paper I found I seized up, couldn’t think what to do. I’d taken my sketch book with me so pots it was. The picture above has the outlines drawn in chalk pastels, then anywhere that I didn’t want to end up black is covered in gouache.
Black ink. Allowed to dry.

Gouache soaked off.
Finished piece. I can see, you know in my spare time, me doing some more of that. I like the process, I like the marks, it’s not twiddly fiddly and little. It was a great day.

Been trailing again this week, lots of new trees.

I’ve been looking at lots of empty trees before the spring makes them all full again to try to get better shapes into mine. The top two are 45cm diameter ish and the one below here is about 30cm diameter.

So there you have it. Pics and pots from this week. I’m teaching tomorrow so no more pots for me this week. Will probably be down at the weekend to just tidy up a few odds and ends though.
I have a video from the firing to sort out for you over the weekend too.

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14 Responses to Big Blog

  1. It IS a big deal! And I'll bet all the comments will be good ones. I love the fir tree!

  2. Ron says:

    I'm sure they will be well received. And I do like those new trees, esp. the first one.

  3. Jo, Jon says:

    Oh send a pic of the little scratched pot.Thanks

  4. I agree. Love the trees. Particularly that first one, as Ron said. Say, how do you do that, anyway???

  5. Anonymous says:

    love the burnt Verwood jug.Good luck with the spring fling.Tim

  6. Your platters and trees are lovely, and I salute you for doing something different, and doing it so well!

  7. i meant to ask you about the 'batik' process, looks good!! and the process would compliment wood fired pots in an exhibition for sure…

  8. Love everything in every photo, you definitely should explore that fun art, looks really great to me!

  9. kateuk says:

    I have a feeling your pots will be liked!Love the trees too.Especially the first one.

  10. gz says:

    spare time?!!Lovely pots and images

  11. Betsy C says:

    SO lovely Hannah! I too love those trees, and have to admit that first one is a beauty. Your work is simply delicious … you inspire me! I love the batik as well, it's nice to change things up a bit, it gives new inspirations. Enjoy the Spring Fling 🙂

  12. Christine says:

    Your Paper Batik looks great, no problem drawing pots! Also that first tree is something special. Looking forward to meeting the woodfired pots, I did have the pleasure of saying hello to a little gingerbread kind of figure at Gracefield…

  13. I'm sure everyone will love your pots… That is exciting to be doing an exhibit. Love your trees!

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