Big Bang!

I had a bit of a fright this evening, I’d been slowly using the kiln all day to dry out some pots before I put them on the proper firing schedule. At about 6pm I turned the kiln on to the firing and went back across the yard into the workshop, shut the door, sat down, picked up my trailer and BANG! Oh blimey I thought, that’s going to have done some damage. I rather gingerly put my head round the barn door, the kiln was still in one piece, I peaked in the bung and everything looked as I’d left it. Then, BANG! Ah, it clicked, it was the game keeper round the corner, phew!

A few more FLPs, maybe Funny Little People isn’t the best name for them, what do you think, it sums them up but maybe isn’t gentle enough.

Something I didn’t realise when I told you about the JustArt exhibition in Fochabers and the fact that the pots were all available to see on-line was that you can vote for the award on-line too.

No movement yet on the new workshop front, awaiting joiner. It’s probably a good thing as I’m still cramming as much making as I can into the days, after Manchester I think it should ease off a bit – unless I sell out! Now wouldn’t that be interesting…

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5 Responses to Big Bang!

  1. I would vote for the bonnet babes!BB- little BB's!

  2. gz says:

    in Welsh, Bobol Bach..still BBs..What are they in Gaelic?!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How lovely the Pear Drop Family are!Do they live in the parallel universe of Funny Birds?T. Okada

  4. Paul Jessop says:

    what about "Fat Birds" !Ok maybee not.

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