Well day one over and done with. Amanda and me are sat sitting in the front room of the flat we have rented drinking tea and pulling apart the days happenings or in my case the days none happenings. It’s good having brought the wee computer with me as I can keep a check on what my blogging pals are up to and not feel I’m missing out.

A couple of shots of my stand which is a lot less cluttered than last year. I have gone for less is more, less pots, giving them all more space. I’ve brought more of the more individual pieces and I am quite pleased with how it looks. I don’t seem to have grabbed anybodies attention yet but it is early days still.

Amanda’s stand is next to mine and is utterly fabulous, it really is well displayed and the work is tremendous. It is by far the best work I have ever seen of hers and I love her work already. I only have this one picture but believe you me the whole set up is beautiful. It is being very well received too and rightly so.
These pots above are by Sally Raven, and I have been looking forward to seeing these pots for a long while. Sally is based in North Wales and graduated last year. Her pots are thrown and anagama fired in her beautiful kiln. Sally was a student helper at ClayArt Wales two years ago and it was all down to her that weekend that I didn’t run away in sheer terror and despair bless her. She said she was nervous about me seeing her pots! No need for that at all. They are great too and I will certainly be buying one or more from her before the end of the show.

I’ve met lots of lovely exhibitors, it’s always good to meet other people in the creative field I also met John Foley from the Imagine Gallery. It was good to meet him after speaking to him on the phone in the past and I know he reads the round of blogs.

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  1. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah, Glad you had a good day, but I do hope your sales pick up.I really like Sally’s work. Do you know if that’s a white slip or a shino type glaze? I like the white-ness of it.

  2. Amy says:

    good luck with sales. I really like the cup in the front of the pic next to the big bowl. peace~

  3. paul jessop says:

    My customers are talking about the thing John Sandon did with that girl off antiques roadshow, “slip trailing” i didn’t see it, but more and more people are becomming aware of slip trailing and will understand just how good your work is. slipware is on the UP.Good Luck with the rest of the show.Remember you have to make your own Luck.

  4. Your stand looked great – just sorry that I hadn't time to stop & chat as I tended to see it either first thing in the morning or on the loo run (sprint). i loved the tree plates.I hope the Fair picked up for you.Janex

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