Baskets and pots from across the sea.

There’s nothing like a bit of pressure is there to set you off making new things. For months and months now there has been in the planning a joint exhibition between the Scottish Potters Association and the Scottish Basket Makers Circle. The handing in date is now about 9 days away so here is a fabulous time to really get into the idea of making pots inspired by baskets and vice versa and yes you guessed it that’s exactly what myself and Lizzie are doing. We’ve had it at the back of our minds for months and now it’s suddenly flung itself forward.
I’ve been making some dishes with basket imprinted handles and Lizzie has been making some clay baskets and we’re hoping to do some stuff together too. Will it get finished in time? Watch this space. . .

This is not a basket. It did however arrive today from a Mr Hollis Engley of Hatchville Pottery in the USA. That was a rather lovely surprise Hollis, thank you very much. It’s a corker. Does it have some of the Antarctic mud in it? I now have my very own little bag of Antarctic mud to amuse myself with too. I’ll save that for the time being and maybe use it when I have a bit more playing time.

Thanks again Hollis, it’s a great pot and is sat as all new comers to the house do for a while, on the kitchen table to be looked at and handled while we eat fr a few days.

I’ve also been using my mold that I have been wanting to use for the last three months but never quite getting around to. It too has been used incorporating the basket impressed clay. I am really pleased with them so far. The decoration threw me a bit, I sort of panicked with the first one. It didn’t need much. I’ll have a longer think before I do the second one.

So it has been a busy couple of days. I’m trying to get all my orders underway and the Christmas exhibitions work started, there is a surprisingly short amount of time before all that has to be at it’s respective galleries too. No rest for the wicked.

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3 Responses to Baskets and pots from across the sea.

  1. You're welcome, Hannah. A fair trade for your lovely bowl, which lately has held green grapes while Dee and I watch movies. I loved the crawling shino on that pot. The liner glaze is, alas, not Antarctic, but made with ash from my sister-in-law's woodstove at her farm in upstate New York. Ellen is her name and she's faithful with the ash deliveries in the winter. The glaze I use the mud in is 4 parts mud, 5 parts unwashed wood ash. Makes a nice amber.

  2. Ron says:

    Hi ya Hannah. Busy girl. Things here are hopping too. Nice pot there you have from the US. I love the pot in the last pic too. When ya headed back to London? I had on my London socks yesterday. Orange and yellow stripy. They are made by Tabio, fancy, smancy. Wish I knew the store I'd have you get me another pair. Ha. Hope we can catch up on Skype soon. See ya!!

  3. jimgottuso says:

    lucky you hannah, that's a beautiful hollis piece

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