Barry Brickell – Potter

This film, made in the 70’s by a relative of mine, Lynton Diggle, who lives in New Zealand, is about the New Zealand potter Barry Brickell. I discover that Barry died this weekend at the age of 80. I visited Driving Creek Pottery in 2007 but didn’t get to meet the gentleman. It seems he was a potter, artist, conservationist and railway fanatic which lead him to building a narrow gauge railway on his property in order to bring clay and other raw materials to the pottery site.

It’s a lovely film, very much of it’s time and of a man with a passion for pots and clay.

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2 Responses to Barry Brickell – Potter

  1. Mark from Whynot says:

    Nice film. Don’t think many of us would like to go back to coal firing but what a set up. Hope he was able to have enjoyed it all his days.

  2. gz says:

    Thanks for posting the film, memories of a unique person and potter

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