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CAL plate 3It seems to have been an age since I got any decent spell at decorating, you know to be able to properly get into the flow and move on from where the last work was. I still haven’t managed that yet but at the weekend I had a batch of wide rimmed platters to slip that I had had under plastic for a week or so. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I was annoyed with myself for having left them unattended for so long. I was frustrated that I had to just sit and work on them with nothing much else to use to warm up with and because deadlines are imminent as they have been all year there was no time to make more and they felt very precious.


CAL plate 2So all in all not the best start to having to come up with the goods as they say. In fact I had looked after them so badly they were pretty dry and I was on the verge of slamming them into the reclaim bucket but Mr Fitch saved me and them from myself.

I looked back through my sketch book before I started which was a good thing to do and I should do it more. I often hark back to these stylized flowers in my work, they have been used throughout the ages across many folk art materials and I seem to refer to them at different periods in time. I often come across them in museums and books, on pottery and glass, textiles and carved wood. I love them, ageless and beautiful and wonderfully versatile for slip trailing.

CAL plate 1These three are all just over 30cm diameter at the moment but will shrink some more before they are finished but at the moment, against the odds, I like them. All being well they will be fired in the wood kiln at the weekend and fingers crossed be on the Fitch & McAndrew stand at Ceramic Art York in ten days or so time. Come and see how they turn out.

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3 Responses to Back to the Plates

  1. Erika Gibson says:

    Absolutely beautiful work 🙂

  2. Gill Jones says:

    absolutely lovely work Hannah

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