Back to it.

Today I absolutely had to get on with things. Come on H, get your head in gear. There were lots of jobs needing doing that were all a bit disjointed you know, one jug to handle, two plaques to slip, some candle holders to cut, a couple of phone calls to make (including one to let Doug know that I’d seen the cow roundabout that I accused him of having made up – sorry Doug).

A couple more snaps of the pots for the McGill Duncan exhibition for you. Not fired yet but they will be Zoe and Gill, don’t panic.
News from Japan is that most food tastes of fish and some of the lads that Paul is working with have tattoos of Japanese designs that don’t necessarily translate as well as they had been told they did. One thought his said “rebel” but the more accurate translation apparently is “thief” – oops!
I did my baking as promised so for anyone that’s interested this weeks offerings are currant buns and tea a plenty. The Christmas cake is done, and there’s an apple cake in the freezer awaiting Paul’s return and being as there was a rather large pile of apples waiting something happening to them there are a good few chopped and frozen ready for pies and another lot stewed. There’s still a couple of pounds waiting for something, maybe another cake to be eaten now, we’ll see.
Finally a very big HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to Alex McErlain who if you read this regularly and actually take any of it in, was my tutor at college. He is retiring at Christmas and it’ll be the end of an era for the course there. Congratulations for your birthday Alex.

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3 Responses to Back to it.

  1. could you post over some cake please? I have tea!

  2. ang says:

    will have to skype in for that tea appointment!! :))

  3. Zoe says:

    Ooo it's exciting to see the pots! Don't worry, I know they'll be ready in time :-)Z x

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