Autumn Days

When I was a child all these weird adults used to tell me that time flew by faster the older you got. I thought they were ridiculous. How wrong was I ? – Again! Somehow it’s almost November, yes I know, really it is, how? No idea. Not a jot.

I have been for the last few days and for tomorrow too, working out of the Tolbooth Art Gallery in Kirkcudbright. I have been giving workshop tasters in the morning, mainly for children but for some adults too and then in the afternoons I have been working and giving people the opportunity to come and watch and chat to me. In the mornings we have been making tiles and the kids have been having a chance to try some leaf resist and some sgraffito. They are incredible, they just devour clay they do. It’s great seeing what they do with the materials. I have to admit though that much to my own dislike, we have been using white clay in the classes, just so that I didn’t leave the gallery with too much muck to clean up after us all.

Mixing more glazes to test earlier in the week I counted that I was surrounded by 7 buckets containing white powders and wondered at what point that got slightly ridiculous.

Finally for tonight a charger that I decorated yesterday while at the gallery. I have a batch of small sweet plates waiting at the workshop to be decorated. I need a few hours to sit down with them and really get into the swing of it. Fits and starts at decorating leaves me feeling a bit clunky with it. I need to get on a roll with it. That’s monday’s first job.

So if you are in Kirkcudbright on saturday between half past one and half past three then pop in for a chat if you fancy. I’ll be slipping some pots and am happy to talk to you about slip and slip trailers and all things clay.



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4 Responses to Autumn Days

  1. Lovely, Hannah. And yes, time flies. I’m 65 … how the hell did THAT happen????

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    Hate to be the one to tell you, it gets worse. Seems like last week I was your age and now I’m old enough to be your Dad.

  3. meredith@whynot says:

    Hi Hannah, It is true as one gets older “they” steal not only your youth but your time as well. I only hope they put it to good use some where.
    About the glaze stuff- we had a problem a few years back and had to take apart each glaze bit by bit until we found that one main ingredient,bought from a different source than our usual source, weight out different – that difference in weight was making the glazes crawl. I don’t know if this will help you at all but thought I would toss it your way.
    Now about Hoillis being old- yeah, but I don’t know anyone else who wears it so well……
    Happy fall- lovely leaves going on.

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