Autumn Days

‘By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.’ Helen Hunt Jackson.

This is my season. I love autumn, I love chilly crisp mornings and clear blue skied days and sunsets that are flaming and big bright moons. I love the changing of colours in the hedgerows and the tree tops, the colours of autumn feel like they are mine, they suit my own colouring and of course of my pots. I love the fruits, the blackberries, and the pies they make, and the firm round rose hips that each year I plan to make syrup from and somehow never get around to it.

It’s somehow a little sad too, it does make me worry a little about the winter and how I’ll cope with the long dark nights and of course the swallows have gone and so the farmyard is somehow emptier and the fields have all been cut short and most now been ploughed over for the next time.

It doesn’t stop, out there in the world, everything keeps on keeping on. I have however been keeping on keeping on for too long and I have come to a halt. It’s taken all my energy to keep my head and keep organised enough to sort myself for the shows of the last few weeks and the reorganising in between and trying to solve the glaze issues that are plaguing me. I got home on monday evening after Ceramics in the City which was a brilliant show for me, I sold lots of great pots to lots of great people so thank you all. It has all taken it’s toll now though and I am floundering again. I’ll not go on, you really don’t want to know what the inside of my head is like at present save to say that it isn’t a pretty sight.

I have two new friends at the workshop at the moment though, they might make their way home with me at some point but this week they are keeping my company down there, a little sprigged Doug Fitch jug and a wee ash glazed Phil Rogers jug. They are constantly twittering away together on the window sill, when I go closer enough to hear them though they stop talking and sit quietly. I’d love to know what they are discussing.

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7 Responses to Autumn Days

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    I think post show letdown is inevitable. We go from being driven and focused to not knowing what to do next. Tea won’t hurt and maybe one of those berry pies.

  2. Autumn always makes me melancholy, too, and anxious. I worry about the shorter, cold days keeping me out of the studio & if I’ll have enough inventory for holiday sales and…on and on.

    Hang in there & enjoy your lovely new friends 🙂 I’m partial to the Phil Rogers.

  3. Susan says:

    I know exactly what they’d be saying in my work shop – “What the hell is she doing with that clay!”

  4. gz says:

    Autumn = earthenware pot colours…..
    love the new jugs- just right for inspiration

  5. I love Autumn too- and I know the uncertainty it can bring. Likewise the post show head muddle…I have so much to do and just can’t get on with it…but it will pass and stuff will fall into place. Your pots are glorious, relax with tea, cake and those new jugs and let it resolve itself.

  6. Those are two lovely jugs, Hannah. Raining and dark and cold here today, after it was 125F in the studio yesterday with the kiln firing. Winter’s coming on. My favorite season, too, with trees dropping orange leaves and tourists mostly gone.

  7. Time to pause, mellow, wander aimlessly, cook, garden, sew, be home.

    Dr Dixie prescribes a two week at home holiday. Nothing will collaspe, people will wait, and your creativity will surge forward.

    Whats the point in working for yourself if you hound yourself like a middle manager on the skids.

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