Autumn again.

The trees are turning, some have gone completly already but my little tame ones outside the workshop are just starting to go.

Last week I was in the workshop and it was all tidy, the pots were on the shelves, buckets were all in their places, the floor was relatively clear and I thought hey you know it’s not that small, it’s much bigger than I always think it is. Then today! Crikey! Another matter entirely, I was wandering around for a while at firs this morning not really being able to get started or work out what to do. It was chaos, two buckets of glaze slaking down, reclaim drying out, half packed boxes of pots for deliveries, a bag of lead bisilicate, dried clay for the glaze, buckets of slip not in their corner, I was falling over something every time I turned round. It inspired me to spend the first half of the morning sorting, clearing, tidying and cleaning. After that my head felt so much better and I could start properly, phew!

So now I’ve got shelves full of freshly thrown things and it makes my head feel a lot better, good to get my teeth into something properly. I managed to throw casseroles, jars and plates, maybe I went a bit mad with the number of plates actually. Oh well, it’ll let me be able to have a play when I decorate them.
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2 Responses to Autumn again.

  1. paul jessop says:

    I know the feeling, I should be out there now but i’m putting it off because the first thing I have to do is make some space to make more pots. a clean floor is always a nice feeling.

  2. HO, know that feeling well – and my workshop id bigger than yours. I just don’t know HOW things get so covered with…..things so quickly. The never ending problem of production and blockages. ( Sounds like pipes, sorry, but those too actually).

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