Art in Clay, Hatfield House

Yesterday saw me finishing and a finishing lots of pots so as they are drying while I am away. The thing is now there are many more than will fit in my electric kiln in one go to bisque – oops! Oh well, I’ll have to do some ingenious stacking to get them in, no shelves maybe…

The sgraffito jug above and below is, all being well and fingers crossed etc etc going to be heading to The Castlegate House Gallery in a couple of weeks time.

All the tapered jugs got their clothing and again all have a bit of a human feel to them, it’s hard not to give them that, in fact I think I’d have to concentrate on deliberately not doing it and that’s not fair on them when that’s what they are asking for now is it?

There are 18 of these jugs, half a dozen each in 1lb, 2lb and 3lb of clay. I am often asked about why I stick to the basic pallet that I do and here is a good reason. I made a couple of one particular size and decoration as I had an order for that but the rest all have different treatments and still even with the remaining 16 to decorate I  had more plans than jugs available.

So I feel that until I have exhausted all the myriad variety of options of these materials and colours then how on earth would I cope with a lot more? You can get so much from so little, it’s magic!

This image above is the back of a little terracotta jar that Dan Finnegan made while he was here, the image below is of the other side of the jar. I thought I would use the bird idea being as we both use them in our work quite often. Hope you like it Mr F. I slipped all your pots this week, all now drying ready for the big bisque squeeze and the big wood flamey firing that is coming up.

I’ll be heading south tomorrow, stopping on route with Alex tomorrow evening and then heading to Art in Clay at Hatfield House on thursday to get set up and have my usual flapping and dilemas and worry and then to meet up with friends and hopefully start to relax and not get too wet and have a good night’s sleep ready for the start of the show on friday morning. The Olympic torch will be at Hatfield on the saturday afternoon so get there early, enjoy the pottery, see the torch and come back to enjoy more pottery! See you there maybe.



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  1. Susan says:

    That first jug is amazing, it’s so beautiful
    Enjoy Hatfield

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