Art in Clay at Hatfield House

Well it was a little bit different at Hatfield this year to last. Last year it rained and it poured and it rained some more. This year the sun shone and shone and shone. It was a mighty warm weekend and this thing that I believe is called summer has continued on. It was incredible to do a show in the warmth and sunshine, it’s been an age since that has happened. For me though, a northern bloodied red head it was way too hot. I don’t work well in those kind of temperatures.

For the first time possibly ever I was really pleased with the look of my stand, and even more unusually I thought I had some flipping nice pots too. Lots of lovely pots did go off to new homes which was great, including two of the big new chargers which were slip trailed with trees. I do have some images of other people’s work which I plan to post for you soon but for now here is my stand.

Potfest in the Park next…

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  1. Amy says:

    beautiful pottery! Really like that ’tile?’ in the last picture. I once lived in a place called Hatfield, PA. 🙂

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