Around the Town

Here’s a brief trip around HohrGrenzhausen for you all. It’s a very pretty little place as you can see.

Gas kilns a plenty in this old factory, whoppers.

The barmaid in this pub, well there’s a story, I think she may have gotten a little fed up with us, she was what you might describe as a feisty lady to put it mildly.

There are pots or pottery pictures all over everywhere.

And then the storm approached, oh boy was it a good one. I do enjoy a good storm though the wind for the first few minutes was too strong to be welcomed at a potters market, the sound of breaking pots is never a pleasant one. It had been a hot hot weekend and no breeze at all and this came as a welcome relief.

Last night Paul came back, a day early so that was a very nice surprise. Now I’m just probably going to annoy him by wittering on and generally being a nuisance while he tries to work though judging by the good weather here he’ll probably finish early and be off on the bike for an hour in the not too distant future. I’ll try to be good and not myther him too much, honest I will.
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3 Responses to Around the Town

  1. ang says:

    go on then …tell us……

  2. Lori Buff says:

    What did you do to annoy the barmaid? The town looks beautiful, sounds like you're enjoying your time there.

  3. Hannah says:

    We didn't deliberatly annoy her but our German wasn't the best in the world, her English wasn't great and we had a misunderstanding over dry white wine and ordering meals for vegetarians. Other than that she was a darling bless her but i bet she was glad to se ethe back of us.

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