Argyll Pottery.

I recieved a kiln building book in the post today that Alan Gaff from Argyll Pottery has lent me. I was trying to pick his brains at the weekend during the ceilidh, poor man. Anyway it is my new bedtime reading, it’s Joe Finch’s book I’ll let you know how I get on.

I really like Alan’s jugs, this is one, wood fired stoneware. They are such light pots, lovely to hold. Alan has a blog of sorts with lots of pics from the SPA weekend in there. Go have a look. I went up to visit his pottery on my hols in September, it’s in a fabulous situation just north of Oban, bad timing though as it muct have been the annual potters holiday week as he was away too!
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  1. potterboy says:

    Joe’s book is great – Paul built his kiln from that book I think. I bought a big box of lego under the pretence of using it to model a kiln before building it. That’s my excuse anyway.Nice pots too – I’m just off to look at the website.

  2. Thanks for the mention Hannah, I hope the book helps.

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