Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate not being able to do things as I am used to being able to do things. It makes you realise just how much you take for granted. My hand is much less swollen now thankfully but it’s movement is very limited still and there is no grip what so ever, too much pain. Any hoo, doc thinks it might be infected to I have started anti-biotics. I’m so frustrated, this was allegedly my last week of throwing before BCTF at the start of April. So it isn’t so force drying of pots will have to occur over the coming weeks. Today with Paul’s help I have managed to glaze a kiln load of bisque pots and get that set so at least something is happening. In the kiln are mainly pots for the new shop at Newby Hall which I am to supply, hopefully Daniel isn’t having kittens yet about where the work is, there is some work for him though that I haven’t yet been able to decorate but at least some of it will be there for the opening.
We went to two exhibition openings last night, the social butterflies that we are. Paul chauffeured me around the region, I could get used to this treatment. The first was Hazel Campbell’s show “Mosses, Waters Slaps and Style” at the High Street Gallery in Kirkcudbright. It was very busy and the paintings are splendid, I always fall for the big landscapes, I think one would look fabulous above our fireplace. Ahhhh one day. I was introduced to a gentleman there and you know how it is instinct to take the proffered hand for the formal shaking of hands, well I did it slightly reluctantly but didn’t want to appear rude and damn it if he wasn’t a gentleman with a very strong handshake. After that I tried to keep my hand well hidden and safe.
Secondly we drove down to Dumfries to see Lizzie Farey’s solo show called “Spirit of Air” again very busy although I did spot a number of people who seemed to be doing the same as us and flitting between the two. For there to be two shows opening at the same time by two good friends, well what are the chances of that? Lizzie’s show is all of her new wall based expressive willow inscriptions and is very airy. It looks great too. Both though probably require a second visit in order to really see them properly, you don’t get a proper chance to look at the private views.

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4 Responses to Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  1. doug Fitch says:

    Poor you, get well soon

  2. Anonymous says:

    ****** **** **** **** **** soon!!

  3. ang says:

    oh H, … you must do a lefty handshake!! it’s quite fun and confuses peeps a little, with wrist and hand damage over the years i learnt that one quickly!!

  4. Get well, Hannah. It can’t be fun …

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