Arch ie bald the great

Apparently Archibald the Grim built Threave Castle just down the way from here in the 1370’s, I know this as Paul is just reading an article from the Galloway News as I write this but I thought called my kiln roof grim wasn’t a very auspicious name, so great it is.

This is what we were up to yesterday, all in, it’s a bit of a hash being as there weren’t enough arch bricks and the skew backs were a bit battered and worn so we cut some more and generally sloshed it together. The bracing isn’t in yet so I can’t try to take the arch out yet. Maybe next week. I need to make the former for the firebox next week.

There it all is, hope it stays there…

I’ve had a few offers of help for people to come down and help build it to learn about it too and I feel a bit bad for not yet taking any of them up on it. The thing is it’s not that big a space or a kiln and I realised after the first couple of days working on it that actually two people is plenty in there. Most of the time you can’t progress any faster than two people can go anyway because you’re waiting for cement to harden and what have you. So my apologies to those of you that were keen. Next time I build one though you’ll be drafted in I’m sure.
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3 Responses to Arch ie bald the great

  1. Ron says:

    Yay for the Arch!

  2. ang says:

    archibald is a controversial painters pize here, so grand name indeed..

  3. Wildmud says:

    Brace it well. Fallen arches can be painful.

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