Another day another broken pot.

Ok, Paul’s out on a time trial, the washing up is done and the biscuits are made and in the oven so I can write this which I seem not to have done for ages. For one reason and another it was a pain of a week last week. I wasn’t feeling on top form so I ended up making stupid mistakes and not being careful enough generally. Anyway new week, feel much better, fingers crossed it stays that way. We went to the Dumfries Agricultural Show on saturday, the best bit I thought apart from the prize winning bull that was so huge it was the size of an elephant, was the children’s “animal from vegetables” category.

I was at a BBQ on sunday with the local Scouts that have just returned from Blair Atholl, they brought with them, the patrol of international Scouts that they had been paired with at he jamboree. They were mainly from the USA Baden Powell troop based somewhere in New York state, and one boy from Hong Kong. The boys from America had been to the beach the previous afternoon with their host families and some of them had never been to the see the ocean before, apparently they were bowled over with it. They all seemed to have had a fantastic time, it is an amazing camp, I’ve been a couple of times and it is a very special couple of weeks. Just goes to prove that we can all get on together no matter where we live, what language we speak or what we religion we are.

I got a glaze kiln through last week, mainly lots of stock items, small bowls and mugs but there were a couple of these puzzle jugs in there. This is one above is the one that was on the blog a couple of weeks ago with the slanty handle.

And the other side of it.

Today I threw these parts and joined them into a fuddling cup. I’m supposed to be making pots for a Tudor exhibition. I know these strictly aren’t from that era but I’ve always meant to make one so I thought it was a good excuse. I threw some more plates today too after last weeks disaster. The six that I made and decorated last week are now down to four and they are four dodgy ones at that. I put them on the kiln as it was cooling to dry them out. This I have done many times before but this time I put them too close to the lid and promptly cracked two of them. Of course the other four are a bit warped too as a result of my being very stupid. I know that they’ll crack if the kiln is too hot or they are too wet but no no last week nothing could stop me being dim.
I’d made those two square dishes for the Potfest competition too. The smaller one was dry but the bigger one was still pretty damp. It was the last day for getting a bisque and a glaze through before Potfest and as the dish was only for that event I figured it had to go in. My thinking was if it didn’t it would have no chance of being ready in time so if it broke in the process then so be it.
It broke.
Yesterday after teaching in the museum over in Stranraer I came back to unpack the bisque, glaze it all and repack the kiln. I was doing well, everything was dusted, waxed and glazed and I was starting to repack the kiln when I managed to launch three jugs across the floor.
They broke.
So this is now for my Potfest competition piece. I made some tiny little slab buildings and they are in this biscuit tin being smoke fired!?! I know, what’s going on? Heaven knows what this’ll look like.
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6 Responses to Another day another broken pot.

  1. jbf says:

    Sorry to hear about your trials lately. Here’s to better days ahead.I always like to see your work and the puzzle jugs look great. Good luck on your smoky biscuit tin buildings. A group of us in North Carolina have been doing some barrel firings and it’s quite fun.

  2. Ron says:

    Hey, those veggie animals are cool. Can you eat a veggie animal if you’re a vegetarian? Oh I guess so.Anyhow, hope you have a better week.

  3. Becky says:

    I’m with Ron. Those veggie animals are amazing. What kids come up with is an inspiration to me everyday. How is it that some of us lose that as we grow older? I’m sure your “broken pot” experiences will sort themselves out in short order. Really REALLY want to see the results of your biscuit tin smoking. And would relish any more details on this in future posts. Really enjoy your blog.

  4. ajsimmons says:

    …..I missed the slanty handle, very cool!…would that work on a larger scale?A x

  5. paul jessop says:

    The pots are Fab,The Animals picture looks like it was taken at my last sales meeting!

  6. paul jessop says:

    How many Cubic feet is your Biscuit tin Kiln ?

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