And Finally Fire

Last week I packed what at the time were I think, some really good pots. As for whether or not they are still good pots after their baptism of fire remains to be seen.

It was a longer firing than the others have been but hopefully better for it. The cones at the bottom seemed much happier than they have been in the past so hopefully much more even.

I was accompanied through the firing by my Matthew Blakely mug,

by the lovely cake supplying Amanda Simmons and by biscuit bearing girls too.

So tomorrow I shall unpack it all and see what I have, or don’t have. Yeeks!


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3 Responses to And Finally Fire

  1. Paula Foster says:

    What an exciting job you have, Hannah! Every week is like Christmas! Hope all the pots are a great success. Was a joy to see all your work again at Pots in the Park x

  2. Anna says:

    Fingers crossed that this is your best firing yet!!

  3. tim says:

    I hope you have some lovely new work for ceramics in the city,sadly i’m away.Look forward to seeing the pictures


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