American Teaparty Workshop

I have a certain Mr Dan Finnegan coming here on the 23rd June to give a workshop at my place and you would be most welcome. It is free to members of the Scottish Potters Association and £20 to none members (you can join up for £33 though, get our quarterly newsletter, come to the demo day for free and join in with lots of SPA exhibitions and workshops too).
I have a few places left, available on a first come first served basis, give me a ring or drop me an email if you want to come. Tea and cake provided.
It is guaranteed to be full of fabulous pots, many tips and techniques and a lot of lively chatter with this fabulous potter and wonderful man.

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5 Responses to American Teaparty Workshop

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Any potter within a hundred miles would be a fool to miss this and it's at a price even a potter can afford.If it wasn't for that darned ocean, I would be there in a heartbeat.Have a great time.

  2. Yeah, Hannah, but how do you REALLY feel about the guy?

  3. smartcat says:

    I agree with Dennis and Hollis. Oceans are a real barrier! Looking forward to lots of photos and comments from both you and Dan.

  4. Susan says:

    Just booked us a room near Nottingham for the annual pilgrimage to Earth and Fire.Emm can't be in two places at once unfortunately.

  5. That sounds great hannah. I wish i could come! I'll be at Earth and Fire!! Keep us posted as to when your down this way.

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