America – The Return

Well, here I am for the second time in one year, flapping in the manner that you would rightfully expect of me on the eve of a trip to America. Tomorrow I will be meeting up at the airport with twenty ish other Scottish crafts people and the girls from CraftScotland and flying to Philadelphia where we will be exhibiting at the PMA Craft Show. It is run by the Womens Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and their guest country this year is Scotland and we are the Scottish contingent.
I think I’m about ready, today has been crazy busy, I just had to go out this morning for a quick ride, it has been an utterly glorious day and though I probably didn’t have time to be galavanting across the countryside it just had to be done. Anyway the bag is packed, my passport is in my bag, I have a good book for the plane (no comforting words from Mr Fitch this time, whatever shall I do?)
This picture is just to remind myself of my more comfortable surroundings before I head off into big big cities on the other side of a big big sea. (Thanks Christine.)


If you are in the Philadelphia area during the show, 10th to 13th November then come and visit us at the Pensylvania Convention Centre and say hello. If you’re not in the area but know someone who might be and would be interested, please pass this on and let them know. The more the merrier.


In advance a huge thank you to Dan Finnegan and to Jason who are going to help me out in a massive way this trip, I am looking forward to seeing you both again, you have given me so much less to worry about already.
After the show I will be heading up to New York and my sweet Paul will be hopping on a plane to come and meet me there, we’ll meet up with Ron Philbeck and his lovely wife Sarah too for a few days. Oh my it’s going to be a busy busy time but another whole lot of firsts for me too. Deep breaths, calm thoughts, see you over there! I won’t be able to blog but you can follow me@hannahmcandrew on twitter if you fancy, all being well I shall be able to update that. Tarah for now.
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5 Responses to America – The Return

  1. gz says:

    stop flapping, or you'll get there without the help of the plane!!Enjoy the trip, you'll do well

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    Quit worrying, You'll have a great trip.

  3. Ron says:

    Safe travels. See ya in a week!! Hope the show is a good one. Looks like an amazing group!

  4. Sell lots of pots, Hannah. Wish we could get down to see you in Philly. Give our best to DF.

  5. Peter says:

    You'll be over there by now, but Bon Voyage any how! Hope you have a lovely, lovely time. Funny that you had the song by Lana Del Ray on your site a post recently, I "discovered" her whilst listening to the radio about 2 days ago and fell in love with both song and the voice.

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