All sorts

Well yesterday I was over at Jason‘s place to “help” him fire his kiln. So up at 4am to light it and then finished at around 6pm, about two and a half or three tons of wood used and it seemed to be very smooth. Fingers crossed that it’s a good un for him. There is an awful lot of work in that big beast. Some of it is things that have been constantly left over from previous firings as other pots have taken priority but were made by me when I was there so that will be strange to see them finished. Jason was on top form, always amusing and fun to be with and of course lots still to learn from him.

Busy busy at work still, trying to finish pots for The Contemporary Craft Fair down in Bovey Tracey, Devon which will be taking place from 5th to 7th June. The pots for Spring Fling are pretty much done, well apart from that small thing of firing them. Anyway I can’t really make anything more now that’ll be finished before the weekend, or can I? What can I force dry and squeeze through the wee test kiln? Hmmm. . .

I unpacked a glaze firing today which was all ok, lots of sgraffito oak leaved pots, a big charger and a nice bog bowl. Will repack the kiln tomorrow for another bisque firing which will be glazed tuesday and out friday all being well.

I’d blame the follwing on heat fatigue but it was quite early on.

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7 Responses to All sorts

  1. I love your work! I can’t believe that it took so much wood to fire his kiln! wow – a lot of work must have went into gathering the wood and feeding the fire alone, not to mention the many hours on the work. Hope it all turned out great!

  2. Ron says:

    Is that Jason? Man, he looks just like Mark Hewitt!!!! Crazy.Love that teapot.

  3. Helen says:

    Hilarious! Looking forward to seeing you soon! X

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does the fuel have to be wood for a word burning kiln. I was thinking of a wood product – paper. And in particular MPs expenses claims – no shortage of fuel there then!!

  5. jimgottuso says:

    i’m a sucker for that wet look… dreamy teapot

  6. Hannah, I’ve somehow lost track of your blog and have now returned to reading, WOW. Everything you’re doing is fabulous and exciting. I’ll try to be a better “follower”. Cheers.

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