All packed up

I had a kiln full of glazed pots to unpack this morning, most of which I was pleased with and will be coming to London with me. There was one disappointment though as I had put a little jug in next to the big bowl on the picture further down this post but it’s stilt had broken during the firing and I now have a conjoined jug-bowl. Shame, I’ll knock it off and grind them down when I get back, see if they can be salvaged.

Nice oak jug, the colours are really brash on the photographs today, sorry about that, it’s not how they really are.

I had one of the large platters still in plastic from before I went down to Devon, so thought it was about time it got decorated. Here it is. I was trying to do some not quite so plain lettering, not sure how it works yet but we’ll see, it might grow on me.

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5 Responses to All packed up

  1. Big Al says:

    Gorgeous as always! Hope the show goes great! Be sure to let us know how it goes and pics!

  2. Ron says:

    I like the lettering. A good way to distinguish yourself even more.

  3. You know I just love that oak tree pattern.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hannah, my name is Nicola Lindsay and i work at argyll pottery. I got the link through to your page from Alan’s Blog and I am answering the comments left as Alan has had an accident on his bike yesterday and passed away. I don’t know what people have heard, if anything, or seen the news as it was reported last night. If you could please pass on this news as we are doing out best to let people know.Kind Regards Nicola

  5. Hello Hanna, I have been reading the links from ang,s blogspot from time to tome and love your slip trailing work .I was saddeded to hear that Allan had died ,sorry to hear that,Regards, Judy Rolevink

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