All I need now is a hammock…

A small kiln shed extension was fashioned this weekend while I was away at Kindrogan. I like it, perfect for a hammock so as I can lie in it and pretend I’m lying on Ron’s porch in North Carolina, either that or a rocking chair so I can pretend I am in Fredericksburg with Dan. Thanks Peter for the extension. The next extension is going to be all glass, a conservatory I think. (Joking Hazel, honest).

I was unbelievably rubbish at Kindrogan and took a grand total of 4 pictures, two blurry ones of Matt Blakely throwing and the one below of Gwen Heeney’s wet brick head and none of Wendy Kershaw which is rubbish I know but they would have been rubbish photos too and I think I am better off with it in my head. I was trying to just watch and remember rather than worry about trying to take photos, however I do find that there are lots of wee jobs that need doing over the weekend and lots of things to remember and keep an eye on in terms of the SPA committee things so I have to keep half an eye on that and it does sometimes feel like you miss quite a lot of the demos.
I have to report that Matt beat Doug 2 to 1 in the ceilidh dancing competition that I hadn’t realised was a competition. Sorry Doug.

So I really enjoyed Kindrogan but I do find it exhausting coupled with the fact that it’s the first time in ages that I have sat down and been still and so my body went into “ahhhh it musty be time to shut down and rest” time.
Matt stayed here before hand and spent his time out hunting for treasure in them there hills and beaches, I think he enjoyed himself. It was good getting to know him a little and he was good company on the drive up north to the middle of nowhere in the back of beyond.
This is me being careful this year and not trying to do so much, trying to have more time for thinking and being rested and what am I doing tomorrow? Hoping on the train down to London to go to the Heritage Crafts Conference representing the Scottish Potters Association. I’ll be meeting up with Doug in Cambridge for a wee visit to the Fitzwilliam where I have never been but I know there are many many tasty pieces of pottery so if you are in that vicinity be prepared for the squeals of delight that will be emitted once I get there. Then it’s back home in time for a family meal out on sunday to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday!

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3 Responses to All I need now is a hammock…

  1. Susan says:

    Matt came to Uni which was Alex's doing of course. He did a throwing demo which was fantastic, love porcelain.

  2. Lori Buff says:

    Everyone needs a hammock in their life.

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