Alex McErlain and Alice Kettle

Do you remember these pots from my February firing? They were made in Hollyford clay by Alex McErlain and fired up here in the gap between the floor of the chamber of my kiln and the first shelf.

Here they are in their new life. The little pots have now been ‘wrapped’ by Alice Kettle in Alex and Alice’s ongoing collaboration.

The jug in the bottom picture was one that I believe was fired in Doug’s kiln in Devon. I thought you would like to see the progress of the little pots and also this is to give Alex a bit of a nudge to get himself making again before the weather gets too cold and the clay freezes again!

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2 Responses to Alex McErlain and Alice Kettle

  1. Susan says:

    Those are gorgeous, love the naked mugs and the silk wrappings in the last photograph.

    Tell Alex he can use my shed any time, I have a heater in it, and a wheel.

  2. Pot bondage! Are their no depths to which you will not sink?

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