Ahhh home sweet home again.

A big big thank you to Doug and Hilary and the boys for their hospitality over the last ten days or so and to Nic and Sabine and Elsa who I stayed with too. I have had a wonderful time in very sunny Devon and I will come back soon.
The plates above were in Doug’s kiln last week, yes the one we fired on the hottest day imaginable. Remind me not to do that again, it does not make for an easy pleasant day.

It was a long time to be away from home. I haven’t been away that long since Paul and me moved in together. It got a bit tough towards the end and oh what is it I’m doing a week on friday? Ah yes going away for ten days again! Damn! I got home to see that my kiln shed elf had been hard at work while I was away and has put up the roof on my kiln shed, I am going to give Jason a ring this afternoon and arrange a time for him to come over for the next kiln building stage.

The place has gone crazy since I left, I could hardly get in through the workshop door as my trees have grown about a foot bigger since I left and the green thing that comes up through a tiny crack in the concrete on the right hand side of the door has begun it’s annual attempt to take over my workshop.

There was a little parcel waiting for me when I got back last night which was full of these shards. I had forgotten all about them, the lady I made the press moulded feathered pie dish for at Christmas sent them, they are what her husband finds in their garden. I was really excited to see them, they are just lovely, how lucky am I?

A quick shot of some of my stand from the show, I was quite pleased with how it looked which makes a change as usually I am not happy with it. The tree plate set got a lot of attention, as did my fat bird puzzle jug. I met some lovely people and some rather odd ones too, but had a great time.
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5 Responses to Ahhh home sweet home again.

  1. The shards look like pieces of roughly cut marble iced cake. I have collected hundrends of shards over the years and have now mounted them in a big box frame on a dark grey background, they look fabulous.

  2. Nice to have you back! We missed you in blog land. Those plates out of Doug's kiln look so warm in colour I can see you will be really keen to get your kiln done now.

  3. jimgottuso says:

    beautiful plates in the first picture. i love the oak tree by your door, i can see its leaves on your pots, not sure that particular species of oak is common stateside

  4. Those shards are a great treasure, Hannah, aren't they? I love that connection to potters past. When we lived in New Mexico, we picked up shards from Native makers that were probably 1,000 years old or more. Very cool.

  5. I love those shards – they are amazing! Fancy digging those up in the garden, wow.

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