About Hannah

It was a passion for clay and slips and fire that brought Hannah McAndrew to south west Scotland.

After discovering clay and ceramics at university in Manchester, Hannah moved to Galloway to work as apprentice to Jason Shackleton. Whilst working with Jason she was introduced to the ancient techniques of slip trailing and sgraffito and fell in love with these traditional earthenware pottery skills.

She established her first workshop in 2003 and then in 2004, moved to Lochdougan House. Hannah and her husband Doug Fitch now share a workshop in the garden of their home in Corsock in Galloway, Scotland.

Britain boasts a particularly fine tradition of slipware pottery. Hannah draws on this rich heritage and uses it as the basis for her own contemporary work. Mainly making pots with a purpose, pots for use in the home, Hannah loves the challenge of creating a piece that will perform its task well, will be attractive to look at and be comfortable and warm to have around the house.

Thrown in red earthenware Hannah’s work is decorated using coloured slips and rich honey glazes. The decoration is trailed on to the surface of the pot while the slipped surface is still glistening wet. The freshly applied slip looks much like cream or melted chocolate and looks good enough to eat.