A weekend of crafties and icies.

A grand entrance to the exhibition of five local crafts people all showing together at Amanda Simmons’ house this weekend. This is one of Trevor Leat’s famed sculptures, fabulous isn’t she.

A few things that I took to the show with me. Chocolate brownie-ish things the mixture for which once it had been left to refrigerate for a while as instructed by the recipe before baking was just like rolling balls of clay! Marvelous, feels like clay tastes like chocolate! Must be a winner.

A couple of new plates out in time for the show.

And another new little squared dish.

Amanda lives in the old village shop in Corsock which is the village I lived in until a year ago. I moved out just after Amanda moved in though there was no connection at all I promise. Anyway as it used to bet he shop the front of the house has a big open space which is just great for showing off work. Thanks for having us all there Amanda, I really enjoyed it.

Here we have Trevor and Jan O’Donnell, Jan is a weaver and makes the scarves and beautiful wall hangings which I don’t think I photographed very well. Oops.

Jennie Ashmore works with wild flowers and leaves which are dried and pressed and used to create these pictures that are like tiny little patchwork quilts.

I didn’t manage to photograph Trevor’s baskets very well either, I’d make a terrible reporter. These are some of his log baskets though, fabulous and really strong things, I brought a little basket home with me for the little logs that we have for our little fire. I would have loved one of those big baskets but it would have filled up our front room, we’d have had to have lived in the basket!Another of Jennie’s pictures.

I cycled to work on Saturday morning and had a second cycling first of the week if that makes sense. Earlier in the week while riding home with my big lights on the front of the bike, it must have been a really still night and in the pitch black around me the moths obviously saw my lights and did what moths do best and flew at me! I was being splatted in the face by moths, took me while to work out what it was, never had that before. I wasn’t quite as hungry by the time I got home for some reason.
Anyway on saturday morning I was cycling down to work and for the first time ever the condensation on my glasses froze! How crazy is that? It was misty and freezing cold as you can see by the picture and as if that wasn’t enough iced up glasses and frost crystals all over my jacket by the time got there. A little on the chilly side this weekend here.
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9 Responses to A weekend of crafties and icies.

  1. doug fitch says:

    🙂 you got me giggling

  2. Sarah says:

    It’s good both those things didn’t happen at the same time.

  3. Ron says:

    That last comment was me.

  4. ang says:

    you’re a crack up H, hope your little show goes well such a nice combo….um just a suggestion maybe you should move your light a little lower perhaps??

  5. Helen says:

    Yeah pots and all that – could my Auntie, Cousin and I have the recipe for the biscuits as they were AMAZING!

  6. Looove that sculpture. How amazing is that? I really like your, which one was it? first one I think. It has the sections on the side. Kind of reminds me of a quilt.

  7. I meant to say your plate, and it is the first one down.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A willowy lady serving brownies on bespoke plates wearing hand made scarves……….I think we are all in for a Trevor T(L)reat

  9. Hannah says:

    Hi Ang, the light is on the handle bars already! Just daft moths maybe.Helen, I’ll send you the tasty recipe, no probs.Deborah, thank you very much, I really like it too, maybe I should keep hold of that one and get it photographed properly.Anonymous, hi you two, hope you are well, keep up the comments, I’m enjoying them.

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