A trailing we will go

What a day! Beautiful and sunny and warm and lovely. I cycled down to work (first time since the hand – thorn incident) where I slip trailed (first time since same said incident) a couple of bowls and some salt pigs that have been a sat sitting under plastic for many a long week now. Phew! I managed it sort of OK though I couldn’t undo the bull dog clips on the end of the trailers with my right hand and at the end of the session my hand was very sore and still is but at least I could do it whereas a week ago I wouldn’t have been able to contemplate it. It’s much better than it was thankfully, though obviously not quite there yet, still tender on the back of my knuckles and still a bit fat. The big question is how much will it hurt during wild SPA ceilidh dancing next weekend? Oh and how much will it hurt tomorrow when I try to throw with some very very soft clay? No wide rimmed plates for me tomorrow then.
That big white pig sadly changed from having a startled “O” mouth to a sad “-” mouth before I left work. Oops! Oh and I made some cheesey scones this afternoon, sorry Doug there’ll be none left by the time you get here, far too tasty to save.

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  1. Throwing tomorrow….ouch! Hope the sad pig doesn’t get any more down hearted. Two of my plates last week ended up in soggy tears!

  2. paul jessop says:

    Glad to Hear your hand is improving scary stuff!.I’ve never understood why a TV ad firm hasn’t used a potter to advertise fairy washing up liquid with the traditional strap line “Hands that do Dishes use mild green fairy liquid”.just a thought.

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