A Slippy Week’s Work

Phew, it’s been an awfully long and tiring sort of week this week, everything has been kind of hard work, it’s been cold and wet and windy and a bit quiet and lonely. I’ve had lots to do though so here is some of it for you to hopefully enjoy.

This big fattie is a present for the son of a dear friend of mine. Hopefully Emma is far too busy looking after Oliver and his big sister Emily to be reading this blog and so hopefully she’ll not see this jug before I take it to her later this week (fingers crossed it comes out the kiln ok). Oliver was 9lb 2oz when he was born so this is a 9lb 2oz jug.

It’s got his name and date of birth and birth weight and his mum and dad’s names and his big sister too. Please please please let me have got all the correct information in the correct order.

I spent, hmmmm, quite a while decorating it with the sgraffito.

Here we have black slip, white slip, Hollyford slip.

Here we have dissected owl.

Here we have gremlin owl.

Here we have me making some slab dishes, now that was fun, I need to make some more, maybe that’s what I’ll do this week, I enjoyed them.

The one in the picture above unslipped became this one in the picture above slipped.

I made a half dozen slab dishes and a couple of thrown ones. All being well they are to sit with some of Amanda Simmons’ glass in an exhibition in Penrith at The Red Barn Gallery coming up shortly.

I really like this shape, there’ll be some more of these. These ones have wee knobby feet underneath them. This dish is about 10″ long.
I’m popping down the road to Devon this week, it’s nice as I am just at the end of a big batch of crazy making and so it’ll be fun to go fire a kiln instead. Then in two weeks time I’m off to America again, now that has come round very very quickly. Yikes!

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11 Responses to A Slippy Week’s Work

  1. Betsy C says:

    beautiful work as always! Safe travels.

  2. ang walford says:

    hey thanks for the pic with the cardboard!!! I had to throw away a bunch of clay offcuts last week coz of plaster and all other kinds of rubbish getting stuck in the top rim excess…. love the dishes H!!

  3. 9 pounds 2 oz! big baby who needs that beauty of a jug- love that owl- he is grand.

  4. Ron says:

    Lots of great work there H!! Have fun down in Devon.

  5. I really like that top jug. I think it's a good juxtaposition of contemporary marks with traditional slip trailing.I wish I could join you in Devon, have a great time.

  6. Anna says:

    Beautiful work, as always. 🙂

  7. Jennifer says:

    *love* the platters/slabs/plates you are doing…for the "birth" jug, are you doing an initial drawing before carving with a marker? how do you "erase" any mistakes before carving? curious about your process. is there another post in which you have shared this info? hope nyc was lovely. 🙂

  8. Hannah says:

    Hi Jennifer,The sgraffito commemorative jug has the design painted on in ink first you can't erase mistakes as such, I just paint over them again. Inks or food colourings will burn away in the firing. The design is scratched through the leather hard slip.hope that helps. Thanks for the lovely comments all.h

  9. Jennifer says:

    thanks for the info on your carving process…and sorry for my "city slip" indicating nyc rather than phili! oops! again, love love love your work and am enjoying your blog since beginning to read after your workshop in fred,va. your work is lovely and inspiring.

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