A Posy of New Pottery

I took the wicket on the kiln down this morning and it was all pretty dreadful. Every single pot in there was under-fired and horrible and I was rather fed up.

Weirdly though after I had faffed about a bit and gone away and come back to the kiln again they had all become much nicer and most of them were not under-fired at all. In fact the majority of them were great. Funny what difference a little bit of time makes.

So there are some pots that I am really pleased with, lots that I am happy with and a couple that need to be refired at some point as they were under-fired but on the whole I’m pleased.

The ones that I like the best are the ones that got themselves proper hot and toasty. The ones that are probably on the edge of heading into the realms of being over fired and too battered, there seems to be a fine line between the hot hot flame battered loveliness and the too hot hot too flame battered awfulness. I don’t think I had any that fell into the second category this time thankfully but I need to work out the front left hand bottom corner of the kiln which seems always to be cooler bu a long shot than the rest. The rest of the kiln was pretty even in temperature.

Laura seems happy.

These three little jugs were last minute makes,  one pound of clay each and deliberately naked bellies for being tickled and toasted with the flames. They worked a treat.

Lots of small pancheons for the Pots and Food Festival this weekend, again lots of naked clay for toasty treats.

The little big jar was in there too. He came out nice, I would have liked to have put him right against the place where the flame enters the chamber so as to get him properly flame licked but then I felt he would have blocked too many other pots from getting their share of flame and heat.

Finally here is a little video of most of the fresh pots. Hope that you like them.

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7 Responses to A Posy of New Pottery

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    They look good from here, Glad the big guy came out. He looks super. Know what you mean about that small window of firing range. I’m taking my red clay stuff to about 1/2 cone away from bloating but don’t like the color if they don’t reach that temp.

  2. Anna says:

    Not a disappointment at all! Wonderful! I love those 1 pound jugs with their naked bellies. 🙂

  3. Daniel Finnegan says:

    You are way too hard on yourself! That jar is a wonder and I love the flashing on the body!

  4. tim says:

    Wonderful, I like the toasty naked clay, well done.


  5. Lori Buff says:

    It’s the heightened anticipation of opening the kiln that makes the pots look bad at first glance. I’m always telling students to walk away from the pot, drop the expectations and look at it for the beautiful pot that it is. Glad your firing went well.

  6. Robert Young says:

    HOPE we like them?? Hannah, those are GREAT pots! Outstanding results on this firing!

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