A new little helper.

Today I began the long slow process of introducing a new assistant to my pottery. It happened because last week my old faithful sponge started to disintegrate in a big way (I found quite a chunk of it in some reclaim I was wedging this afternoon.) So I bit the bullet and bought a new one, will it ever be as good as the old one, doesn’t feel like it will at the moment but I think to be fair I need to give it a longer probation period. I’ll see how it settles in. The thistle is beautiful isn’t it, there are loads just on the edge of the dyke outside the house.

I managed to get back to throwing but first I had a couple of parcels to send off. The first was sent off to The Bristol Guild of Applied Arts and the second all the way up to Orkney to Fursbeck Pottery. Both these orders were from the British Trade Craft Fair at Harrogate in April. I hope they go down well.

I threw a few large lidded jars, starting to make pots for the Red Barn exhibition which is creeping ever so quickly up on me, and some shallow ovals along with turning an assortment of puzzle jugs. I didn’t manage to get any more of the big jug sgraffitoed, maybe tomorrow but I did have a quick chat to Doug. I hope the firing went well Doug, look forward to hearing more about it.
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  1. Big Al says:

    Ahhh geee. I thought “new little helper” was maybe a new family member on the way. Give the sponge a chance. The old one was new once, too. This new one deserve a chance to show his stuff.Hope the old one got a good send off.

  2. It is always a sad occasion when we loose an old and trusted friend, my wire broke on me today and the new one just will not work properly so I know exactly how you feel. I have found that if you go to the baby section of your local Tesco’s (Supermarket) you may find some great sponges and there is no VAT on them so they are cheap too!

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