A less thinking post.

This has been a rather disjointed week for blogging I’m afraid, there have been a few very early starts and some late nights. It’s a bit crazy, throwing, force drying, decorating and then trying to get them ready to fire all within far too few days. I really enjoyed these little money boxes, I got a bit fed up of wee birds and progressed to snails and then trees. The trees I am very fond of.

Good food, good wine, good friends, good time.”

We came across this fence with barbed wire on the top the other day while we were out walking and someone before us had obviously been having some fun with the crab apples. The smell was fabulous in the sunshine.

Here’s Paul, chuffed to bits with this trophy from his cycling club as a prize for coming 10th overall in Scotland in his class in the Scottish Cross Country Mountain Bike Series. Well done chuck!

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8 Responses to A less thinking post.

  1. amy grimmitt says:

    im loving the money boxes hannah!!

  2. Ron says:

    I like that Snail.Congrats to Paul.

  3. Takashi says:

    Hi! First to mail you from Japan.I'm old man & have fun for many things like your charming Slipware.Are you going to decorate these money boxes with Slip? maybe footprint of Snail? (^^)Please accept my poor English.

  4. Hannah says:

    I’m not sure I’d know how to slip trail a snail trail. They have been decoarted now though. Thanks folks.

  5. Big Al says:

    Awesome pots! Love those money boxes. Congrats to Paul! Awesome trophy and accomplishment. Can’t wait to see them finished.

  6. I like the tree tops, trees are really going somewhere I think…. Also BIG congratulations to Paul. That trophy will be fighting for space amongst your house full of pots me thinks, but it deserves pride of place!

  7. I agree, the leafy one’s are great. I need to make some of these. They look like a lot of fun, and maybe they would making saving my pennies more enjoyable, Ha.Way to GO PAUL!

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