A gentle invasion.

We had a visit today at the workshops from a class of Japanese school children who are spending a month at the nearby Kilquhanity school. They were lovely kids, very polite and well behaved. A simultaneous gasp from them all when I was throwing and did the first pull. Then a round of applause when I had finished. It would have been great to have made some pots with them but there was neither the time nor the space for that sadly. I did let them have a play with the slip trailer though and the girl in the picture above was a natural. One of the teachers dad’s is a potter in Japan, I didn’t get chance to talk to her but will maybe catch up with her again before they leave.

If they come again I’m going to give them a slab of clay to decorate with some of this amazing lettering. Beautiful isn’t it.

I unpacked a bisque firing this morning, my big plate has a big crack in it, grrrrr. However on a more positive note my tooth has been fixed by a very sweet Polish dentist and the parts for my car window have been ordered by my local friendly mechanics. The world outside is wild as wild and I’d like to get tucked up in bed but I have to go out and turn the kiln down at 10.30 so need to keep myself awake until then, there’s a huge pot of pumpkin soup on the stove so if anyone is passing and needs sustenance then just pop in as there’s plenty to go round.
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2 Responses to A gentle invasion.

  1. potterboy says:

    Cool kids. Nice they can come and visit.Shame about that plate though – it was a cracker (there were some others – what happened to those?)Could do with a bowl of that soup – hope it was good.Fingers crossed the firing is good – everyone’s at it this week, it seems…

  2. Ron says:

    Hey, sorry I missed you on Skype today. I had a kid in the studio last night, a friend’s 6 yr old. He made a little pot. I should have had my camera. Your postcard came today!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me. Talk soon.Ron

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