A Flurry of Films

The last week has been a crazy busy one. They all seem to be that way at the moment. It’s great, we are getting an awful lot of work together and this week decided to do two wood firings back to back. We are both exhibiting at Earth & Fire at Rufford next weekend and two weeks after that I will be at Art in Clay at Hatfield House. So I am in need of a good supply of pots to be ready for those.

So we have made and made and made in fact we made more than two kiln loads but that’s fine, they are a good start for the next one. We packed my wood kiln on Monday, fired it Tuesday, allowed it to cool Wednesday and Thursday, unpacked it Friday morning, repacked it Friday afternoon and fired it Saturday.

We had Alex McErlain here on Saturday to give us a helping hand which was great as we were both still feeling the effects of the first one. Number two of the week was much smoother, the kiln was beautifully dry of course, and the structure was still warm so all that energy usually needed to warm up tons of bricks was able to go right into warming up the contents.

So in these films you have the glazing, packing, firing, unpacking, glazing and repacking! Phew. A few days now to sort of the pots that are coming with us, get them priced and packed up ready and work out how to get two lots of work and stand stuff into my one small van.

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  1. Rob Keir says:

    I enjoyed this series of videos. They are quite suspenseful, waiting for the kiln to open. I like how you incorporate the landscape too (and of course the cows). Hannah, you seemed quite disappointed, yet all I could see were beautiful pots. I especially like those tygs (large and small) and Doug’s moneybox.

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