A Few Little Ducks

This weekend I had a long overdue trip to Manchester. The reason that made me do this weekend was so that I could meet my fellow bridesmaid and the lovely lady that we are to be bridesmaids for in order to go to find frocks. The whole Hannah in a lovely long frock with a pair of heels saga is one for another day, probably after the wedding in April. I have a while to practice walking in shoes that aren’t flat thankfully.

Anyway in the process of doing that I got the chance to catch up with a few other friends in that neck of the woods too. One of them was Emma who I was at uni with and who I have been friends with ever since meeting on foundation course. We were discussing this weekend how it’s one of those friendships were we can both just be our silly selves without fear of looking, well, silly. We managed the two of us this year to both happen to visit the Tate Gallery, myself in London and Emma in Liverpool and both be thinking about each others birthdays and both manage to buy for each other exactly the same glove puppet kit. Emma thinking that I could make it to play with Gregor with and me thinking Emma could make it to play with her two darlings with. Most amusing, of all the things in all the places that we could have found something.

On Friday morning we delivered her little people off to school and nursery and then sat having a brew when Emma realised that now was as good a time as any to get the crafty bits and pieces out to work on her job for the school Christmas fair. She had to Christmasify the plastic ducks for the hook a duck stall. So in no time we had tin foil and pipe cleaners and ribbon and pompoms all over the show, it was great fun. I left her working on tiny Father Christmas hats for the next set.

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  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Christmasify, good word.

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