A bit of this a bit of that

A bit of a Spanish inspired bird-dragon thing.

A bit Gaudiesque.

Oh and some little birds. We are still here, there is a lot of water around but we are on a bit of a hill so so far so good. I have never seen as much water around as there is at the moment though. Paul is back too. I just spent the morning with 80 hyper children and an enormous amount of lego and electric lego at that. This explains the crazy headache and exhaustion that has just had me in bed for a few hours. Keep warm and dry all.
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4 Responses to A bit of this a bit of that

  1. Brian says:

    Wow, saw some footage of the flooding on the news here. I hope you all manage to stay above water.Love the bird dragon and the gaudi jars. The little birds are cute!

  2. paul jessop says:

    IRon said nice pots on facebook so I dropped in to have a look. he's right nice pots.

  3. Oohhh! I love the pots! There is just something about that little long beaked bird that makes you want to have on of your own. And the dragon is great. I love pots that tell a tale.

  4. Marshall says:

    All very cool, little birds my fav bit like 2nd one too!

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