I put these pots outside this morning in the sunshine to dry wondering how many more of these days I would be able to take advantage of this year, then about two hours later I was running in and out of the door trying to save them all from the rain that was tipping out of the sky.

Unpacked the glaze from last week, some nice pots, most of which were packed straight up to go away to the Christmas Crackers exhibition at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield.

Some nice big fat jugs, I was quite pleased with these, I thought the shape was much better than the last bunch, much fatter rounder belly.

The roses are drooping because they needed a bit of fresh water but just to let Dave and Sue know that they are still going strong, thanks!
Good weekend in Manchester, very good to meet little Emily finally and to be able to give the jug I’d made to Mark and Emma, Emily’s mum and dad. Emma and I had an enjoyable trip to Knutsford where we browsed some very smart galleries and had scones and tea at the world’s first penny farthing museum. I didn’t have my camera on me which was a shame as the bikes made for a very interesting place, some fabulous shapes. It was also great to stay with Caro and Graeme again, and to see Rick and Emma, the five of us had a lovely meal out on saturday evening, hopefully it won’t be as long before I see you all again. Sorry no pictures but we had a sunny and pleasant weekend.

The field down the way has got a new water feature, actually this probably applies to most of the fields and gardens around here. I loved the reflections, this one was the dyke being reflected in it.

This is sky reflected in the puddle.

And this puddle looked like a sheet of silver.
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  1. Ron says:

    Hey, Glad you had a nice trip. Catch ya later.Ron

  2. I typed ‘some nice big fat jugs’ into google and came up with this!I feel cheated.Regardsphil

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