This jug has I feel a hint of Ron style decoration about it, not sure where it came from, when I got home just a couple of minutes ago I saw my budgie and realised that I’d put him on the neck without realising it was him. Those things that do look very much like hearts were supposed to be leaf / heart type shapes. It does look at bit soppy now I look at it again.

I was listening to the news on the radio this morning and I heard that the police in Barnstaple are having to patrol allotments as they were dug up in the night by people searching for old pots as the site used to be a clay pit. Now it might be unfair but my mind did jump to Doug and the possibility of him taking my lovely university ceramics tutor Alex McErlain out for a good night out in deepest darkest Devon. Just for those of you that didn’t know, Alex who is doing the filming of Doug was the person that made me make pots. If it hadn’t been for him and his enthusiasm of pots and all things clay I would probably not be doing what I do now. Thanks Alex.

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  1. potterboy says:

    Soppy or not, I quite like the jug – that tree with the face is superb. I can’t read the poems though.

  2. Big Al says:

    Awesome! The tree totally sets it off! Not soppy at all. Can’t wait to see it fired.

  3. Hannah says:

    Thank you, they say”The difference between an aim and a goal is a plan”and”Make this the day that you bear in mind that small worries cast big shadows”

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