A day of throwing today as planned and some decorating, got a fair amount done, but not half of what was on my list. I think the list held enough items for at least three days though.

Just before dinner there I did something stupid, I went dancing into the kitchen and smacked the back of my right hand against the door frame on my way though. I am so ridiculously clumsy I don’t know how I manage it. Anyway after an ice pack it’s still swollen and sore, how foolish and very annoying. Paul is away off at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning,off on another spy mission, Norway this time.
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  1. It is amazing some of the things we do for fun that end up being a pain but if you don’t try anything you’re not really alive, just existing.

  2. Just one other thing – do you think your Oak tree platters might end up in a wee shop called Acorn Antiques one day? Lovely decoration by the way.

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